Office Remodel in South Austin

A 200 square-foot metal shed converted to office space. We added a new roof and updated the framing to accommodate six new windows, a new back door, and a notch for the oak tree surrounding the shed. Spray foam insulation and a high-efficiency heat pump ensure the office is efficiently cooled and heated. The addition of a small front porch with an overhang provides architectural interest to the building, while the new back deck offers additional space for outdoor meetings.

One thought on “Office Remodel in South Austin

  1. Our backyard shed had a lot of potential but also needed a lot of work before it could become our office. When Patrick came out to see our project and said “What a great shed!” we knew we found the right contractor. He and his team carefully maintained and respected the character my father and great-grandfather put into this building 30 years ago.”

    – Blayne Sansbury

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